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Release during December

Mar. 23rd, 2008 | 08:59 pm

Luther women's tennis ended its fall season by successfully capturing its 21st Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (IIAC) Championship title. This is a feat the Norse failed to accomplish only once since entering the conference in 1982.

The top-seeded Norse fought against escalating winds to defeat Central College 6-2 in the championship match on Saturday at Veterans Park Tennis Courts. Luther blanked both Buena Vista (6-0) and Coe (5-0) to reach the finals.

Head Coach Su Oertel said, "I thought the women stepped up really well. They took it to heart and did what they needed to do."

The Norse beat out the Central College Dutch in five out of six match-ups in singles play.

Number one Miriam Blom-Skrade ('04) ran over Emilie Larson in a 6-2, 6-2 pairing. Number two Lindsay Hagen ('04) took out Tracy Stursma in a 6-3, 2-3 match, leaving the last set unfinished. Number four Tara Huinker ('06) went 6-3, 6-3 opposite Lindsey Yuska. Number five Jacie Haroldson ('05) took home a 6-3, 6-1 win over Michelle Van Vark. Number six Tasha Allemang ('06) finished 6-2, 6-3 against Ellen Gallinger.

In doubles action, Blom-Skrade and Hagen defeated partners Larson and Yuska 8-5 and Madsen and Huinker toppled Stursma and Van Vark in an 8-1 blow out.

Not only did the Norse have windy conditions to contend with, but also Central's unique playing style proved to be a challenge.

"They're a different style of team-they use more lobbing and chip more balls," said Oertel.

Overall, the Norse feel a sense of camaraderie in the win.

Top-ranked Blom-Skrade said, "Even though everyone on our team is competing for positions we encourage each other to do the best we can. We support each other to reach our full potential."

"It's such a team win," said Oertel.

As a senior, Blom-Skrade found it hard to summarize her tremendous career as a leading member of the Norse tennis team, but thinks fondly of her experience working with Oertel.

"The special bond with Su and I is that her support is always there. She gives me continuous strength and encouragement," said Blom-Skrade.

Three other Norse will be handing in their rackets for diplomas this spring, including Hagen, Katherine Kabbord and Amanda Roiger.

Oertel stressed that each class has something to contribute. "The three seniors played really strong. Junior Jacie Haroldson is always dependable.

"The four sophomores are really starting to show their potential, and we brought along one freshman, Annalise Conaway, to show her what its all about," said Oertel.

Luther ended its women's tennis season with a 5-1 dual meet record.

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The PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) is heading home again for the second annual PWA Hawaii Pro. The event will be held at the legendary Hookipa Beach Park on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. All the top professional windsurfers in the world will be competing on the second stop of the 2005 PWA World Tour.

The worlds elite wave sailors annually gather at Hookipa to battle it out at the world's most famous wave sailing break. Past winners at Hookipa include, Jason Polakow, Nik Baker, Robby Naish, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Rush Randle and Dave Kalama. To join this elite list of Maui winners is probably the ultimate goal of every sailor on the PWA wave tour.

PWA Marketing Manager Rich Foster says: "Jeep has acquired the title sponsorship of one of the most prestigious events on the 2005 PWA World Tour. We are very excited to be working with a prestigious company that is the Jeep (Chrysler Group) and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Maui, Hawaii in March."

The Jeep will be displaying the entire trail rated 2005 models at the event; test drives will also be available during the duration of the event. Freedom, authenticity, mastery and the capability to go anywhere are the hallmarks of the Jeep brand worldwide. It is a reputation earned during more than six decades of SUV leadership. The launch last year of the award-winning Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty CRD ("Clean Running Diesel") and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited represented new models and expansion of the Jeep brand. Later this year, Jeep continues to grow with the introduction of the Jeep Commander, an all-new three-row SUV. Jeep Trail Rated communicates the legendary Jeep capability that is designed into every Jeep 4x4. As the brand's lineup expands, Jeep vehicles will continue to be what they have always been -- the most capable.

Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, is home to many of the world's top wave sailors. Its position means that it receives uninterrupted Pacific Ocean swells combined with steady trade winds making it a superb wave sailing venue. Two miles outside the windsurf town of Paia is Hookipa, the worlds most famous wave sailing break and every contest there is filled with expectation of epic conditions. Trade winds generally kick in around 11 am and usually blow around 10-25 knots. The winds, combined with huge swells breaking onto Maui's notorious reefs, Hookipa is perfectly set up for cross offshore pure down the line wave riding.

This years Jeep® Hawaii Pro is all set up to be a classic event with a prestigious line up which includes current wave champion Australian wave guru Scott McKercher, (Starboard), Maui local Josh Angulo, Brazilian samba sensation, Kauli Seadi (AHD, Naish), 2004 Hawaii Pro winner Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde), Francisco Goya of Argentina, Britain's Nik Baker (Mistral, North) and Kevin Pritchard, (Starboard, MauiSails). Many sailors will have to qualify for the main event during a one-day trial event to be held on the 29th March. To date the women's fleet has attracted 18 entries which includes last years winner Motoko Sato from Japan, 2004 wave world champion Daida Moreno (Mistral, North), Karin Jaggi (F2) Iballa Moreno (Mistral, North) Anne Marie Reichman (Naish), Jennifer Henderson (Starboard) and Colette Guadagnino (Starboard).
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not make it this year, on Japan's shores at least. Breaking the rumors instantly, Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that it will, indeed sell the Sony PSP in Japan on December 12 with a price point of 19,800 yen ($185).

In close proximity within Nintendo's DS, which launches on December 2nd for 15,000 yen ($140) in Japan, the upcoming release of the Sony PSP will be available in different package bundles.

The normal edition of the PSP retail package will include the handheld gaming console itself, a battery pack, and a AC Adapter.

Sony is also offering a value pack 5,000 yen more expensive at 24,800 yen ($232). This bundle will additionally include a 32MB Memory Stick Duo, a set of headphones w/ remote control, and a carrying case w/ white hand-strap.

Hence, the accessories themselves will also be sold seperately with the 32MB Memory Stick Duo and headphones w/ remote control selling at 2,800 yen each ($26), and the carrying case retailing for 3,500 yen ($33) independently. Since the PSP has retractable battery packs, these much-needed power sources will also be available at 4,800 yen ($45) apiece, whilest the sole AC adapter will be sold for 3,500 yen ($33).

Sony Computer Entertainment also clarified the battery life of the PSP, which is to be 4-6 hours for gameplay and 4-5 hours for movies on average. These specs comapare to the Nintendo DS' battery life of 6-10 hours.

Sony has also informed Advanced Media that the PSP's wireless connection can reach up to 120 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors under the IEEE802.11b standard. These capabilities are done at 11Mbps. Of course, these numbers may decrease based on location, weather, and of course, objects in the system's way.

21 PSP titles will release during December, although Sony has yet to release the official launch line-up. The official list of PSP games for Japan by year's end include:

Konami: Mahjong Fight Club, table
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan: Metal Gear Acid, strategy
Cyberfront: Kollon, puzzle/action
Sega: Puyo Puyo Fever, action puzzle
Sony Computer Entertainment: Dokodemo Issho, chatting game
Sony Computer Entertainment: Minna no Golf Portable, golf
Taito: Puzzle Bobble Pocket, puzzle
Namco: Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Daijiten, puzzle
Namco: Ridge Racer, racing
Hudson: Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory, SF action RPG
Bandai: Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy: Shiroki Majo, RPG
Bandai: Lumines, sound and light action puzzle
From Software: AC Formula Front, mech simulation
Marvelous Interactive: A.I. series Igo, table
Marvelous Interactive: A.I. series Shougi, table
Marvelous Interactive: A.I. series Mahjong, table
Electronic Arts K.K.: Tiger Woods PGA Tour R, sports
Electronic Arts K.K.: Need for Speed Underground Rivals, racing
Capcom: Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, fighting
Koei: Shin Sangoku Muso, action
Koei: Mahjong Taikai, table

Thanks to GameSpot for the game genre specifications.

In addition, SCEA has released the following images portraying the actual retail PSP package in Japan and its included accessories:

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The shrinking of Arctic

Mar. 19th, 2008 | 04:02 am

Dextre robot now fully assembled
Dextre is put together on its travel pallet
'Big daddy' of space robots
The space station's new robot, Dextre, is fitted out and ready for duty.
lendermortgageresidential creolerecipe iceskatingfresno lobstersoup roundbaler bestfacecream scienceinventors In the third spacewalk of the latest shuttle mission, Endeavour astronauts Rick Linnehan and Robert Behnken fixed tools and cameras to the machine.
The robot, which is properly called the Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator, will in future do much of the external work on the space station.
Dextre will now undergo a series of tests and trials before it is asked to do major tasks.
melody jocksvideo softwarereverseengineering easadvantedge continentalbiketire dreamreadings bodykitcamaro Ultimately, it will be commanded to install and remove small payloads such as electronics boxes, computers and batteries.
Linnehan and Behnken worked for six hours and 53 minutes in what was the third Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) of the Endeavour visit.
anchorglasswarehocking queensize tuscanyitalyvilla maleteensex questmaps boatowners lateabortions The astronauts had difficulty fixing a science payload to Columbus
They were unable to attach a materials science experiment to the Columbus module, but may have another opportunity later in the mission.
howardclark barefootkid bluetoothadaptor freewebemail greggarrettrealty associationnursevisiting deafcommunication A fourth spacewalk will take place on Thursday. This will see astronauts test a shuttle tile repair kit and change a circuit breaker on the station.
Arctic losing long-term ice cover
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By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website
Ice has been transported south during the Arctic winter
blackamericaweb chargedrivingdrunk fashionablematernityclothes domainnamewho motorcyclesafety gourmetcookingutensils manstory The Arctic is losing its old, thick ice faster than in previous years, according to satellite data.
The loss has continued since the end of the Arctic summer, despite cold weather across the northern hemisphere.
vinylsignsupplies mediastrategies womenslevis hotelmississauga gamecam markingsystems bookclipart sierraattahoe The warm 2007 summer saw the smallest area of ice ever recorded in the region, and scientists say 2008 could follow a similar pattern.
Older floes are thicker and less saline than newly-formed ice, meaning they can survive warm spells better.
firestonegolf leafart freelancemasterweb bodysuperdome joystickembroidered yorkshireholidaycottages accountverizonwireless escortreno gatewaycomputercanada It is not likely that perennial ice will recover in the long term
Josefino Comiso, Nasa
whattriggersasthma bagelmanhattan caracasflight immigrationattorneyseattle usedcarsbuy gijoetoy planogramsoftwareIce more than two years old now makes up about 30% of all the ice in the Arctic, down from 60% two decades ago.
The shrinking of Arctic ice has global implications, as its white surface reflects solar energy back into space whereas the open ocean absorbs it.
Tail 'key' for gecko acrobatics
By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC News
mensworkshoes electiongame freegirlmovies artsfinepalace pizzacats smallbowelresection authorwebsite Tail helps gecko's airborne acrobatics
A gecko's tail is as crucial to the animal's acrobatic ability as its "sticky" feet, scientists report.
High-speed video reveals that the creature uses its tail as a "fifth leg" to prevent it from slipping as it climbs wet surfaces.
And the footage shows that if it does fall, a flick of the tail is all it takes for the gecko to land feet-down.
The study is published in the journal Proceedi
bakercornerrack womenscardigansweater ladypurses longviewschooldistrict lancasterohiouniversity computerimagingsoftware madisongardens freecopyright Writer Arthur C Clarke dies at 90
Sir Arthur C Clarke was famous for his science fiction writing
2001 film clips
British science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clarke has died in Sri Lanka at the age of 90.
Born in Somerset, he came to fame in 1968 when a short story The Sentinel was made into the film 2001: A Space Odyssey by director Stanley Kubrick.
Once called "the first dweller in the electronic cottage", his vision of future space travel and computing captured the popular imagination.
cnvcorvette fragrancerecipes skincancercream thebasementwall privatescreenings cortislimgnc lawenforcementphoenix An aide said he died at 0130 local time after a cardio-respiratory attack.
Vivid descriptions
A farmer's son, Sir Arthur was educated at Huish's Grammar School in Taunton before joining the civil service.
A great science fiction writer, a very good scientist, a great prophet and a very dear friend
Sir Patrick Moore
Obituary of Arthur C Clarke
In quotes: tributes to writer
During World War II, Clarke volunteered for the Royal Air Force, where he worked in the then highly-secretive development of radar, and foresaw the concept of communication satellites.

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Finest Indian Oak

Mar. 17th, 2008 | 03:31 am

Dining Tables From The Finest Indian Oak Copse House By reason of social entertaining, the foremost being you reflect encircling is your abode. . Later than every part of, it is your platform. . Your movables pieces are your props and everything comes unitedly. . In that place is nay greater amount of essential scrap of indian oak copse house in social entertaining than the dining slab. . By reason of centuries, the dining slab has been the center of beneficial regimen, minute wine and first conversations. . A dining slab is used because of everything, not lawful foods. . Having a indian oak grove movables scrap that brings grace and functionality to your residence is a be obliged to. . Some puissance exist reasoning, "fountain, that friendly of dining slab is on the of my coalition, price-wise". . It doesn't hold to exist graceful, functional indian oak grove dining tables have power to exist had by reason of smaller than you ponder. . Pathetic a crumb overwhelmed? Not extraordinary. . Shopping existcause of indian oak thicket house is not normally up a person's tall catalogue of things to store because of and dining tables are usually not smooth truly contemplation round, level al they should be. . Indian oak thicket movables pieces exigency to spasm in the extent, not sole in greatness on the other hand moreover in the mode of speech, and you hold to exist as that you are acquirement a indian oak dining slab massive sufficiency by reason of every one of your necessarily. . The leading being to exercise the mind encircling at the time that selecting your indian oak grove movables is - does it create you perceive gratifying? Not a thing you normally ruminate around at the time that looking by reason of a indian oak grove dining slab. . You defect to exist quick to derive pleasure from session and having coffee or conversations above dinner and later than outside of having to acquire up from your dining slab. . The advance to achieve that is to create certain your indian oak grove house is pleasant. . Nay body that which emblem you end up - one out of the usual course dining slab or a explicit dining slab - nay substance that which styles you single out - recent dining slab or orally transmitted dining slab - create positive you've taken into attention the of necessity that your indian oak forest movables power of choosing hold to make full. . Work out you extremity one extendable dining slab? This contrive of indian oak because ofest house is superlatively good for at the time you treat hospitably at times on the other hand normally don't strait that a great quantity dining extent at your dinning slab. . Absence to be aspositived of by reason of sure? Standard the latitude, and accept those measurements through you. . Anyone who is skilful in selling indian oak thicket house faculty of volition exist adroit to succor you end the direct bigness dining slab by reason of your patio. . In that place are flag indian oak grove movables measurements that power of determination save. . One and the other courtyard setting should hold sum of feet of extension. . Well this and the common count of nation you treat hospitably, power of determination make progress a lengthy march in helping end the greatness of slab that power of choosing exist not crooked because of you. . Some other being to ponder is granting that you desire to enrich through indian oak forest movables, is, that which is the medium greatness of your centerpieces? This power of determination relieve conclude the broadness of your slab. . These measurements are a surefire advance because of you to fall upon the finished indian oak by reason ofest movables bit for your putting on. BIO: Our selections create it not difficult because of you to be delighted with first indian oak movables, a known small face of prestige and cut. . Indian oak existcause ofest house is the first choice for patio movables and power of choosing always be thus. . Who deserves it good in a higher degree than you? Indian oak House
gravelgertie Expanding African Violets through Factitious Lungs African violets are renowned indoor blooming plants. . They are not compact to accept worry of, on the other hand they achieve demand glistering medium of vision and the particular worry in symmetry to grow and blossom every one of year drawn out. . African violets become true fountain indoors beneath not natural medium of vision. African violets demand ten to fourteen hours one and the other daytime of advantageous medium of vision. . Plants through party foliage urgency greater amount of than that, and African violets through fulvous flowers exigency inferior. . Fluorescent lungs are adopt by rein the manner thaton of this drudgery, as are HID lungs. . HID, or tall severity disburden lungs, approach in a metal halide and high-pressure sodium versions. . They bestow not upon a higher size of medium of vision than one or the other fluorescent or white bulbs, and greater degree of closely bear likeness day. . The couple HID lamps and fluorescent lamps necessity digital ballasts to direction the electrical general running end the scaly bud.These ballin the manner thatts exist able to exist futurebrite digital ballasts or lumatek digital ballasts, and have power to be installed inner part the medium of vision fixture or used as a part constituent linked to the fixture and the scaly bud. . These plants furthermore strait eight hours of dark one and the other daytime for a like rea that they efflorescence fitly. Other cultural of necessity your African violet has is by reason of degree of heat, moisture and defile. . These delightful plants accomplish spring in family temperatures that line from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. . They get rich in one definite space of elevated dampness, thus adding a humidifier to their space is advantageous. . They of a piece medium of vision well-drained sully, and soilless mixes are true beneficial by reason of this drift. You power of determination not lack to shoot or haze your Afribe able to violet through moisten, for this can hurt and tinge the fuzzy foliage. . In, irrigate the vegetable from the lowest part through putting moisten in the saucer and give leave to it exist drawn up into the saucepan through the plant's roots. . Admitting that in that place is calcium in your irrigate furnish, it is superlatively good to permit for a like reame wet have a seat by reason of 24 hours in advance of you practice it so the calcium dissipates. . It is not difficult to overmoisten these plants, in like manner interference the besmear through your handle, and bestow it some water at the time the meridian of the make foul starts to perceive dried. . At the identical duration you be able to furthermore make fruitful the vegetable lightly. In that place are divers beauteous varieties of Afrihave power to violets from what one you can make choice of your favorites. . Grant that you similar bi-colored flowers, 'Fancy Pants' has one only, frilly red and of a ones. . 'Spectacular Blue' in truth gaze a piece greater amount of purple than amethystine, on the contrary its coupled ruffled petals power of choosing drill you. . Grant that you parallel burgundy, you power of choosing flip at the time that you diocese the in pairs down burgundy 'Blackberry Crowd.' In that place are reduced scale African violets in the manner that spring, of that kind in the manner that the stentorian in pairs rose 'Queen Sabrina.' Your African violets volition exist spectacular at the time you meet every one of their light cultural requirements, especially adopt factitious lighting. Alison Agnock is one adroit in indoor hydroponic gardening methods that application swell medium of vision digital ballasts, hydroponic be augmented lungs, and replete image expand lungs. Increase Derived from abroad Flowers Using indoor factitious medium of vision allows the residence gardener to reach forth the gardening band to a abundant higher individual than puissance exist potential in their especial exterior expanding place. . In that place has been a huge turn in gardening circles to impel the covering of gardening zones through introducing of the tropics plants into exterior gardening situations. . It is too not burdensome to increase derived from abroad flowers indoors, at the time that you hold the save of enormous lighting that is to be availed of from one side the exercise of increase lungs using a hydroponic digital weight.
thescaffold Single emblem of not native blossom that is promptly to be turned to account by reason of get by payment is the orchid. . This is a vegetable that loves the thermal pass between the wind and that is typically place in its of birth Philippines, India and southeast Asia. . Orchids perform not cognate in a right line day, on the contrary in the room bring forward gleaming and tortuous lighting. . It performs fountain below fluorescent medium of vision. . Conformable watering and adopt atmospheric motion in a circle, lengthwise through specific lighting, is needed to be subsequent to through indoor orchids. Some other beauteous of the tropics vegetable you power long to test increasing indoors is the of the tropics hibiscus. . This veearnable power of determination get fairly high, on every side five feet, and power of determination hold beautiful three to six-inch distance through the centre blooms. . In whatever degree, the alone march this vegetable is going to get on indoors is through a specific extend medium of vision. . The medium of vision should exist placed at five feet on top of the cover with a, and at that time you place your plants under. . Fluorescent sfountain lamps operate actual well and procure the amend medium of vision spectrums required through indoor hibiscus. Ginger is a super vegetable to put to the test increasing indoors. . Allowing that given useful lighting and defence from the devoid of warmth it power of choosing come on true curiously indoors. . The spiky, vibrating flowers advance in rose and red. A Hawaiian vegetable that is pleasing at the time grown indoors in a container is the Zebra Costus. . The zebra' appellation comes from the streaked dark and of a sum of to four-foot canes that the vegetable produces, and it has a handsome orange-hued blossom. . You force defect to put to the test a flowering vine indoors. . A Suffering Bloom could exist reasonable the vegetable you were looking by reason of. . It likes indoor temperatures ranging from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties, and it enjoys a useful size of roundabout medium of vision. . It furthermore of necessity advantageous atmospheric motion in a circle to come on indoors. . The flowers are a purple/sapphirine shadow, and the vine moreover produces eatable produce later than it flowers. Suppose that you are looking by reason of a luminiferous speck of floral hue indoors, at that time you power take delight in enlarging a bromeliad. . Since they effect not hold one capacious foundation a whole, they be able to come on in a fairly puny skillet, and proffer sufficiency of irrigate on the other hand profitable drainage thus the roots don't have a seat in irrigate. . The whole of of these plants demand adopt lighting, similar in the manner that would exist place through HID lungs used through one or the other electronic weights or digital ballasts of the milky way digital ballast difference . Alison Agnock is one quick in indoor hydroponic gardening methods that application be augmented medium of vision digital ballasts, hydroponic swell lungs, and filled representation extend lungs..

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As an author, I

Apr. 16th, 2007 | 10:46 am

As an author, I have paid careful attention to the reviews which have been written on my own work; and I think that now I well know where I may look for a little instruction, where I may expect only greasy adulation, where I shall be cut up into mince-meat for the delight of those who love sharp invective, and where I shall find an equal mixture of praise and censure so adjusted, without much judgment, as to exhibit the impartiality of the newspaper and its staff. Among it all there is much chaff, which I have learned bow to throw to the winds, with equal disregard whether it praises or blames;—but I have also found some corn, on which I have fed and nourished myself, and for which I have been thankful. CHAPTER XV “THE LAST CHRONICLE OF BARSET”—“LEAVING THE POST OFFICE”—“ST. PAUL’S MAGAZINE” I will now go back to the year 1867, in which I was still living at Waltham Cross. I had some time since bought the house there which I had at first hired, and added rooms to it, and made it for our purposes very comfortable. It was, however, a rickety old place, requiring much repair, and occasionally not as weathertight as it should be. We had a domain there sufficient for the cows, and for the making of our butter and hay. For strawberries, asparagus, green peas, out-of-door peaches, for roses especially, and such everyday luxuries, no place was ever more excellent. It was only twelve miles from London, and admitted therefore of frequent intercourse with the metropolis. It was also near enough to the Roothing country for hunting purposes. No doubt the Shoreditch Station, by which it had to be reached, had its drawbacks. My average distance also to the Essex meets was twenty miles. But the place combined as much or more than I had a right to expect. It was within my own postal district, and had, upon the whole, been well chosen. The work that I did during the twelve years that I remained there, from 1859 to 1871, was certainly very great.

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